Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: MWF Core Developer's Meeting 2012 01 12

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Table of Contents

Meeting Details

  • Eric Bollens [UCLA]
  • Zorayr Khalapyan [UCLA]
  • Nate Emerson [UCLA]
  • Eric Chiang [UCLA]
  • Ike Lin [UCSD]
  • Rich Trott [UCSF]

MWF 1.3

  • Messages UI [Ike]
    • Complete
  • Forms UI and Javascript Libraries [Ike]
    • Finished CSS
    • Had to do some other work
    • This week started on Form JS
    • Target by end of next week for code review
    • Used jQuery Validation Plugin
      • Possibly heavy
      • Operates on blur rather than submit
      • Allows custom rules
      • Take a look at determine if its worth it
    • Rich, Ike and Eric all agree that we could just have all forms activated by default
      • Eric says we need to have a non-validate class
    • Transmutation goes back to HTML 4 type rather than HTML 5
    • Tooltips not implemented yet -- Ike still looking for libraries like that
  • Customizable Splash Page / "App Store" [Unassigned]
  • Javascript Unit Tests [Rich]
    • The infrastructure to write tests is done and merged
    • We still need more unit tests
  • Javascript Decorators [Zorayr]
    • Wiki page is starting to get updated
    • Using at UCLA in a project already
    • Please review wiki article and code
    • Branch is feature/js-decorators
    • New branch coming for 1.3 modifications (like lean)
    • Adding new entities for icon and thumbnail menu items [CSS]
    • Icon and thumbnail by next week to be merged
  • Javascript Interactivity Libraries [Unassigned]
  • Javascript Preferences [Rich]
    • Rich to confirm that it's been merged
  • Javascript-based Handlers [Eric]
  • Lean CSS Markup Entities [Eric]
  • Basic Native Container [Zorayr]
    • Rich has made lots of issues in MWF for native container
    • Zorayr to go over these by Tuesday (we will confirm outcomes at next meeting)

MWF 1.2 Issues

  • 1.2.10 was released on Tuesday
  • Image compressor discussions
    • Rich: What about things like innerHeight?
      • Eric: Recollection was that it wasn't positive
      • Rich to investigate further by testing each of these
    • Eric: We might be able to do a redirect to passthru.php
      • Rich: Call it a feature, not a bug


  • MWRS
    • 0.9 release at end of Q1 2012
    • 1.0 release at end of Q3 2012
    • New meeting for this (weekly on Thursday at 10:30 to 11:00)