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Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: MWF Core Developer's Meeting 2012 01 18

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Table of Contents

Meeting Details

  • New time will be Thursday 10:300 to 11:00
  • Eric Bollens [UCLA]
  • Ed Sakabu [UCLA]
  • Eric Chiang [UCLA]
  • Logan Franken [UCSD]
  • Rich Trott [UCSF]

MWF 1.3

  • Messages UI [Ike]
    • Complete
  • Forms UI and Javascript Libraries [Ike]
    • Review code
    • Javascript unit tests?
  • Customizable Splash Page / "App Store" [Unassigned]
    • Rich may end up getting to this given tight coupling with preferences API
    • First iteration will be a subset - with consideration for the whole feature
  • Javascript Unit Tests [Rich]
    • The API for unit tests is complete
    • But we're just way short in terms of actual tests
  • Javascript Interactivity Libraries [Eric]
  • Javascript Preferences [Rich]
    • Complete
    • Rich to check into documentation
  • PHPUnit Branch [Rich]
    • This could be merged at some point
    • Will need display code like MWRS renderer
  • Javascript-based Handlers [Eric]
  • Lean CSS Markup Entities [Eric]
    • Complete
  • Basic Native Container [Zorayr]
  • Valid phpDoc syntax [Eric]
  • Acceptance Test [Rich]
    • README file explaining how to use
    • Someone needs to evaluate this

MWF 1.2 Issues

  • Logan to take a look at Geolocation error return #63
  • Eric resolving issue with hostname + post with FQDN
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