Community: meeting agendas and notes: mwf core developer's meeting 2012 03 15

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  • Eric Bollens
  • Rich Trott
  • Ike Lin

Table of Contents

MWF 1.3


Customizable Home Screen [Rich]

  • Last meeting: Some UI niceties still needed (these were shown at User Group meeting)
  • Last meeting: Feedback from Ike concerning UI email, since Rich didn't make UI a preference
  • Ready for merge?
JS Interactivity [Eric]
  • Last meeting: Trigger-target engine has been implemented
  • Working on writing the drivers for expandable and transitions - some difficulties with CSS 3 animations
Basic Native Container [Zorayr]

Valid phpDoc [Eric]

Lightning Touch [Rich]

  • Any progress on making stuff more configurable and extricating UCSF-specific stuff?
MWF Decorators [Eric]
  • No update
Form Decorator [Ike]
  • Last meeting: Eric provided some feedback and Rich has made further contributions
  • Rich proposes marking this as experimental so we can modify more significantly later on
  • One big change would be objectifying this further than having one monolithic form decorator
  • Rich to consider possibly doing the refactor before 1.3 alpha release
Cache Object [Rich]
  • Pull request for develop to provide a caching interface
  • Doesn't even have a method for saving objects into cache yet, just tracking the directory to use
  • Eric proposes Disk_Cache rather than Cache and Rich agrees
  • Eric asks why it doesn't use standard cache methods - Rich isn't sure we need them yet
  • Rich will add a function to put something into the cache
Warn on Inner HTML Content [Rich]
  • Eric disagrees with preventing inner content from being passed as HTML - this breaks apps that generate inner content except via the decorator
  • Android 2.2/3 screen size [Rich]
    • Feature proposal: instead of returning false, maybe return the unreliable figure
    • No updates on this yet - probably something we can wait on until we hear of a need
  • Padded to be made the default in MWF 1.3 [Eric]
  • Add support for button inside of content [Eric]
  • Fix H entity issue [Eric]


Forms UI/JS [Ike]

Lean CSS [Eric]

Messages UI [Ike]

JS Unit Tests [Rich]

JS Preferences [Rich]

JS Test Coverage [Ike]

Acceptance Test [Rich]


JS-based Handler [Eric]

App Store

MWF 1.2

MWF 1.2.14

  • Fix in 1.2.13 fixed a bug that wasn't a bug, but rather a misuse of the decorator
    • Is this in develop-1.2?
    • Throw warning in 1.2.14 on HTML entities inside decorator contents
  • mwf.userAgent [Rich/Eric]
    • Several parsing bugs that Rich identified in mwf.userAgent with bad parsing - any fixes on these?
    • Discussion: what should be done about body telemetry?
      • Major+Minor for version on OS
      • 1% threshold on OSes


  • Branch discussion
    • Last meeting: develop-1.2 is to be merged to master
    • Last meeting: feature/analytics can be merged to develop
    • Last meeting: [ACTION] feature/cache_object should be reviewed for next week
  • Development version of DTS available at
    • Last meeting: A number of changes have been committed by Rich into MWF that need to merge to DTS
    • No new updates
  • Alpha version of MWF Decorators (extricated) available at
    • Will need to include the new Form decorator
    • No new updates
  • MWRS development is continuing at
    • Service layer is almost complete - just five more services to write
    • Mobile client is also coming along swiftly
    • All development to be complete by March 25 at the latest - pretty tight timeline
    • UCLA is planning to start demoing and alpha piloting this in Spring quarter and looking for other volunteers