Roadmap: Framework v1.2

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The version of the mobile web framework includes two major changes:

  1. Framework Device Telemetry Core
  2. CSS Refactor of Existing UI Entities

NOTE: This version of the framework has already been released

Framework Device Telemetry Core

The first two versions of the mobile web framework (1.0 and 1.1) used static metadata (WURFL) to determine device capabilities and classification. Mobile Web Framework 1.2 completely changes the underlying device telemetry core. It no longer leverages the WURLF metadata or its associated PHP API. Instead, it uses active Javascript polling, coupled with server-side logic, to ascertain device telemetry on both the client-side and the server-side.

A benefit of this active polling, which shall leverage Modernizr to determine capabilities internally but not expose it externally, is that now device information is an accurate depiction of the actual device, rather than of what that device is known to do in principle. It also vastly expands the MWF Javascript API.

CSS Refactor of Existing UI Entities

This refactor focuses on several key points:

  1. Addition of CSS 3 definitions support beyond the -webkit prefix.
  2. Modification of spacing and bordering of entities based on UI recommendations.
  3. Improvement of definitions for better compliance and extensibility.