Users Group Meeting: Aug 15 2012

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  • Eric Bollens (UCLA - MWF)
  • Chris Siems (Texas A&M)
  • Logan Franken (UCSB)
  • Jim Watkin (UCLA - Anderson)
  • Rich Trott (UCSF)
  • Eric Martin (UCR)
  • Ian Lessing (UCSB)
  • Mai Eyre (UCSB)


MWF 1.3 Updates

  • UCLA looking at grid/list view toggle in customize home screen tool
  • Bug in screen.width for Android still causing UCLA problems - how are others dealing with this?
    • Group agrees all Android devices will be classified as false
MWF 1.3 Deployments
  • UCLA will be deploying MWF 1.3 on August 17 at 7:00 AM
    • No major issues expressed from content providers
    • Rebranding has raised some synchronization issues with content providers
  • Berkeley is working on upgrading to MWF 1.3
    • Issue where functions can't be used in config files anymore
      • Use a special Berkeley footer instead of the Default footer
    • Namespace conflicts with forms implementation
  • UCSB is going to put up an MWF 1.3 staging server in the next couple weeks
    • Will do a little bit of testing
    • Target to be on MWF 1.3 by the time the term starts
  • Texas A&M just on the call listening
  • UCR is in holding pattern
  • Other campuses?
WebBlocks (Responsive Toolkit)
  • Topic of excitement during the UCCSC discussion
  • Initial release is targeted for end-of-year
  • Anyone interested in getting involved that doesn't have access should email
  • Expertise needed on responsive media, UI design/implementation and Javascript
  • Development is continuing with both baseline semantic definitions and more specific UI elements
  • Architecture has been improved to be more package-able
  • What do we do about RESS components and platform independence?
MWF Conference
  • September 5 to 7 at UCLA or remote
  • Website is
  • Schedule and registration are both up
  • A number of tools coming as we near the conference date:
    • Rate a Session
    • Conference Slides
    • Related Material
  • After conference, looking to turn the application into an MWF community tool for others interested
  • All slides should be submitted the Friday before the conference
  • iPhone simulator or overhead camera?
    • Jim to investigate if simulator fulfills needs
Other Topics
  • UCLA growing its device testing platform to include:
    • iOS Phones and Tablets
    • Android Touchscreen, Non-Touchscreen and Tablet (including versions 2.2, 2.3, 4.0 and 4.1)
    • Windows Mobile Phone and Tablet
    • Kindle and Nook Tablets
    • Blackberry Touchscreen, Non-Touchscreen and Tablet
    • Several low-end phones including Nokia, Motorola, LC and Alcatel