Users Group Meeting: Feb 29 2012

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  1. Welcome (Rich Trott, 10:00-10:05)
  2. Responsive design / tablets (Eric Bollens, 10:05-10:20)
  3. User updates: If you have something you've done that you want to tell everyone about, this is when to do it. (10:20-10:45)
  4. Questions, open discussion, feature requests, etc. If you need help with something, this is when to ask for it. (10:45-11:30)


  • Attendees: Texas A&M, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, UCSF

Responsive design background and resources

When is MWF the right choice over just using the responsive decorator? Performance is certainly the glaring advantage. But at what point is maintaining a separate view of the app using MWF worth it?

(This section is largely a cut and paste from an email from Brett Pollak.)