Users Group Meeting: Jul 18 2012

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  • Eric Bollens (UCLA)
  • Mai Ire (UCSD) (sp?)
  • Sara Leavitt (UC Berkeley)
  • Brett Pollak (UCSD)
  • Logan Franken (UCSB)
  • Eric Martin (UCR)
  • Ian Lessing (UCSB)
  • Jim Watkins (UCLA)


Revision release MWF 1.3.02

  • Tightening of CSS definitions should have positive benefit for content providers - but if they're relying on the leakage, then they may need to add additional definitions of their own
  • Menu support using UL added for semantic reasons and because of a need in Drupal (see
Documentation for MWF 1.3
  • Documentation is now packaged as part of the MWF itself in the /doc subdirectory
  • An online (but not readily updated) version of the MWF 1.3 documentation is at
  • Wiki documentation will be deprecated (preserved but moved into a subpage) - no longer maintained
Upgrading to MWF 1.3
  • Anyone having issues with it?
  • A few caveats service providers should watch out for:
    • PHP 5.3 is required
    • Configuration file format has changed to ini style
    • Decorators do not allow HTML content to be passed as inner content
    • Caching now occurs in non-system directory
    • No installation script needed anymore
    • No configuration required if /root is your web docroot
  • Advice that should be given to content providers:
    • Lean CSS should be recommended for MWF 1.3, instead of the old syntax in MWF 1.2
    • Some changes to the Javascript API have occurred (geolocation errback and no more flexbox detection)
  • UCLA's strategy for upgrading to MWF 1.3:
    • Communications is currently doing a refresh of the styling using MWF 1.3
    • Once style refresh is done, a preview instance will be put up
    • Content providers should point their dev instances at the preview to test
    • Unless any concerns are voiced, UCLA will then upgrade production after a few weeks of testing
    • Be careful that people won't necessarily test until production launch
  • UCSD is in a dev phase right now [Brett]
    • Doing the same thing as UCLA
    • We use Firebug to go in and insert the assets that we want
  • UCSB has not cut over but anticipates cutting over by mid-August [Ian]
    • How do you keep track of people using to not hurt them during upgrade?
      • UCLA keeps a list for those on with sys admin and developer and reach out to points of contact directly
      • People not using officially can find out through the mailing list but we don't actively pursue these people
      • UCSD uses a similar model
  • On that note:
MWF Conference
  • September 5 to 7 at UCLA or remote
  • Website is
  • Schedule is up (two tracks for two days, and then a workshop day the third)
  • Registration is open (non-profit organization early bird rate ends July 20)
Discussion about evolution towards a responsive toolkit for MWF 2
  • Brett stresses coming up with our own semantics because new ones are coming out all the time
  • It would be nice to be able to pick out which framework you want to power an entity
  • RESS is really the sweet spot we should shoot for with this