Users group meeting: aug 29 2012

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  • Eric Bollens (UCLA)
  • Ian Lessing (UCSB)
  • Mai Irie (UCSB)
  • Jim Watkin (UCLA Anderson)
  • Sara Leavitt (UCB)
  • Logan Franken (UCSB)
  • Eric Martin (UCR)
  • Rich Trott (UCSF)
  • Bianca and Christian (GE)


MWF 1.3 Updates

  • Grid/List view toggle for home screen customization
    • UCLA has completed a preliminary version, and it is currently under testing
    • After testing is complete, will then need to merge into MWF
  • Android phones will all return false on screen dimension requests given unreliable results
  • Next release officially under BSD license
  • Several minor presentational and low-level bugs in the tracker that will be resolved
    • JS handler content type [#154]
    • Left-alignment bug [#156]
    • Home screen link assumes root path [#153]
MWF 1.3 Deployments
  • UCLA deployed MWF 1.3 on August 17
    • Upgrade itself went smoothly and on schedule
    • Several sites found with display issues caused by Forms API
      • .NET is the predominate purveyor of this issue due to Web Forms API
      • It is not required under Microsoft best practice to wrap the entire page contents in a form
      • HTML 5 specification explicitly states this is not best practice in HTML
      • Accessibility tools don't place nice with a full-page form
      • Still, this sort of incompatibility during upgrades is sought to be avoided
    • No other major issues reported
  • UC Berkeley
    • In the middle of converting to 1.3
    • CSS in form took Sara by surprise
    • Not sure about converting to lean CSS yet (one thing at a time)
  • UC Santa Barbara
    • Hasn't had as much time as desired given other organizational priorities
    • Intention is to put MWF 1.3 on a staging server in the next week
    • Live before school starts
    • Library project begun using the framework (Mai is working on this)
      • Working with the decorators
  • UC San Francisco
    • Come to the conference and you'll find out!
    • A lot of things about mobile web performance
  • UC Riverside
    • Lots of interest in Responsive Design
    • Getting together the hardware to host
  • Other campuses?
  • Rich suggests we should come up with EOL definition and how long maintenance on MWF occurs
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