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The home for open-source of the largest tech student organization at UCLA!

👋 heyo! we're ACM at UCLA, the largest tech organization on campus

We're super passionate about open-source; it's a perfect fit for our broader goal of making tech accessible to anybody and everybody! We encourage you to file issues and open PRs; all contributions are welcome!

We've got a ton of content under our GitHub org. Learn a bit more about what we do by:

  • take a look at our website, which is open-source
  • browse the variety of infrastructure and one-off projects we work on, including:
    • the ACM Website and the ACM Membership Portal, maintained by the ACM dev team
    • ACM Cyber's open-source problem and capture-the-flag infrastructure
    • ACM Teach LA's interactive learning modules and kid-friendly code editor
    • ACM Design's styleguide and custom-built web components
    • ACM Hack's hackathon infrastructure
    • ACM ICPC's coding competition infrastructure
  • checking out the open-source learning resources published by a variety of our committees, including:

Have more questions, or want to get involved? Open an issue! Or, feel free to reach us by email ( or any of our socials.


  1. website website Public

    The official (award-winning) website for ACM at UCLA, the largest tech community on campus!

    JavaScript 14 18

  2. lactf-archive lactf-archive Public

    An archive of past challenges from LA CTF hosted by ACM Cyber at UCLA and Psi Beta Rho.

    Python 55 6

  3. cs32-interview-prep20 cs32-interview-prep20 Public

    UCLA ACM ICPCs CS 32 Technical Interview Preparation Workshop (Winter 2020)

    C++ 30 3

  4. learning-lab-crash-course-su20 learning-lab-crash-course-su20 Public

    notes, code, and videos for a crash-course in front-end web dev - no experience req'd!

    JavaScript 31 9

  5. studio-intro-tutorials studio-intro-tutorials Public

    Collection of tutorials on using Unity by ACM Studio

    C# 10 1

  6. ai-beginner-w22 ai-beginner-w22 Public

    Course content from ACM AI's Winter 2022 iteration of beginner track workshops.

    Jupyter Notebook 16 2


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