Foundational guidelines for developers and designers on how to represent ACM's identity, created by the ACM Design Team
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ACM Design Styleguide

Running it locally

  • Install Ruby and RubyGems
  • Verify gcc and make are on your system
    • You can do this by running the commands gcc -v and make -v
  • Use RubyGems to install bundler to take care of dependencies
    • Run the command gem install bundler
      • May need to use sudo gem install bundler
  • Run command bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl '' and go to localhost:4000
  • For Windows 10 users using Bash on Ubuntu for Windows, run bundle exec jekyll serve --no-watch --baseurl '' because Windows does not have auto-regeneration
    • Passing in the flag --baseurl '' lets you develop on this locally


  • If you are on OSX and you need a newer version of Ruby, open your terminal and run \curl -sSL | bash -s stable
  • Restart your terminal and run command rvm list known and this will show the versions of Ruby
  • Run rvm install ruby-2.4.1 or whatever is the newest version number
  • Run ruby -v to check the version
    • If it says ruby 2.0 then run the command rvm use ruby-2.4.1
    • If you want to set it as default version, run rvm use ruby-2.4.1 --default