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🌱the frontend for Teach LA's online IDE, targeted towards helping kids learn code!
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ACM Teach LA Frontend

Build Status

This is the frontend code for the ACM Teach LA helper site, which functions as an online IDE and code-saver. It's built by the UCLA ACM Teach LA dev team with React, Redux, and Firebase.

Developer Setup

You'll need:

  • Node (we develop this with Node v10.15.3)
  • git
  • either npm (which comes default with Node) or yarn

In addition, you'll need to run our backend on your local machine - you can find more information on that here.

Once you have those dependencies, set up is very simple. Type the following lines into your command line:

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ cd TeachLAJSBackend
$ npm install
$ npm start
$ cd ../teachla-frontend
$ npm install
$ npm start

The client should now be automatically opened in your browser; however, you can also manually visit it on localhost:8080. Note that we've also opened a copy of the TeachLAJSBackend on localhost:8081.

Developer Notes

  • We use lint-staged and husky to prettify commited files on push
  • We use Travis CI to automatically check the validity of every commit
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