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Cookie Jar



A lesson to teach kids about web cookies! We're cooking up some ~recipes~ everything from sweet session cookies to zesty third party persistent cookies :0

Development Setup

Lured by the smell? We're hiring bakers. Here's how to get started:

First, let's clone our repository, and install all of our node dependencies:

git clone
cd cookie-jar
npm install

To start our app for development, you just need to run npm run dev!

npm run dev

And to build our project for production (with CRA's webpack bundling and all that goodness),

npm run build

Contribution Workflow

Ready to bake some goodness? Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure your main branch is updated with other peoples' changes.

    git checkout main
    git pull
  2. Make a new branch of this repository. main is a protected branch, so you cannot push to it. a. For branch naming, follow this convention: <issue-number>_<change-you-made> (e.g. 88_animate_cookies).

    git checkout -b <your-branch-name>
  3. Implement your code changes for your feature: Mix and knead away!

    • Before committing, run npm lint.
  4. Once you're ready, stage and commit your changes.

    • Please include the # followed by the issue number in your commit message to create a reference.
    git commit -m <your-message>
  5. Move your local branch changes to remote repository. Before pushing, make sure that your app builds with npm run build, without any errors.

    git push --set-upstream origin <your-branch-name>
  6. Make a pull request with your changes, and let someone on your project team know. Assign a reviewer.

  7. If your code passes code review, then we can squash and merge it into main. Congratulations! If you'd like, it's now safe to delete your branch locally.


Yummy...a Teach LA learning lab for web cookies! Come in and take a bite! 🍪






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