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The UCLA Thesis Style for LaTeX

LaTeX is a text formatting program of choice for a number of people. To graduate (or maybe to avoid doing so), a number of folks have helped maintain the UCLA Thesis document style. This document style is based on work from Leslie Lamport, Dorab Patel, Eduardo Krell, Richard B. Wales, John Heidemann (1995), and John Colby (2012).

For many years, this style was non-maintained by John Heidemann. Now at last it has been brought into the 21st century at github.

How to get it?

Get the current (development, but stable) version off git.

The current version has been used to file dissertations in 2012 and should be formatting correct.

Success reports

Many people have gotten degrees with different versions of this package. Uclathes is distributed as reply-ware. If you get it and use it and graduate, you're strongly encouraged to add your name to the success reports wiki page. If you don't want to register on the website, just let us know and we'll add your name for you.


For problems with the style file: Add to this wiki or open an issue in the tracker.

For general help about LaTeX or writing your dissertation, we must request that you talk to local LaTeX or research experts in your department. is also a fantastic resource.

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