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CDL Nuxeo Code

This is a overview of UC Regents code written at CDL to use Nuxeo.

This code is mostly written in two languages -- as of Jan 2017 python 2.7.x and node v0.10.x

Python and node both use the same pynuxrc configuration file format -- although the .ini format based file is not 100% consistent between python and node.

As of Jan 2017; the Nuxeo version supported is Nuxeo 6.0

pynux is a python wrapper for the nuxeo REST API. It is both a library that is used in other CDL programs and scripts; and a set of command line tools (CLI) to perform common tasks at a command line. Most of our tooling around metadat is based on pynx.

nx cli is a node command line based on Nuxeo's official javascript API wrapper. I could never figure out how to do the file upload with the REST API, but with the nuxeo javascript API I could get upload to work. Most bulk file uploads are done with nxcli.

Bulk metadata import tool based on google sheets. Requires a python environment (conda is recommended for windows)

Lots of miscellaneous scripts that use pynux.

Generates an atom feed for loading Nuxeo into Merritt for preservation.

Fixity checking for Nuxeo. Python 3.

Batch reports that get run once a month.

"Deep harvest" of Nuxeo is coded in the UCLDC harvester.


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