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***Our Hyrax 2.x based app requires the following software to work:

  • Solr version >= 5.x (tested up to 6.2.0)
  • Fedora Commons digital repository version >= 4.5.1 (tested up to 4.6.0)
  • A SQL RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL), though note that SQLite will be used by default if you're looking to get up and running quickly
    • libmysqlclient-dev (if running MySQL as RDBMS)
    • libsqlite3-dev (if running SQLite as RDBMS)
  • Redis, a key-value store
  • ImageMagick with JPEG-2000 support
  • FITS version 1.0.x (1.0.5 is known to be good)
  • LibreOffice

Installing the Scholar application

  1. Clone this repository: git clone ./path/to/local

    Note: Solr will not run properly if there are spaces in any of the directory names above it
    (e.g. /user/my apps/ucrate/)

  2. Change to the application's directory: e.g. cd ./path/to/local
  3. Make sure you are on the develop branch: git checkout develop
  4. Install bundler (if needed): gem install bundler
  5. Run bundler: bundle install
  6. Start fedora: fcrepo_wrapper -p 8984
  7. Start solr: solr_wrapper -d solr/config/ --collection_name hydra-development
  8. Start redis: redis-server
  9. Run the database migrations: bundle exec rake db:migrate
  10. Start the rails server: rails server
  11. Visit the site at [http://localhost:3000] (http://localhost:3000)
  12. Create default admin set: bin/rails hyrax:default_admin_set:create
  13. Create default collection: bundle exec rails hyrax:default_collection_types:create
  14. Load workflows: bin/rails hyrax:workflow:load
    • Creating default admin set should also load the default workflow. You can load, any additional workflows defined, using this command.
  15. Assigning admin role to user from rails console:
    • admin = Role.find_or_create_by(name: "admin")
    • admin.users << User.find_by_user_key( "" )
    • Read more.

Running the Tests

  1. Start fedora: fcrepo_wrapper -p 8080
  2. Start solr: solr_wrapper -d solr/config/ --collection_name hydra-test -p 8985
  3. Start redis: redis-server
  4. Run the database migrations: bundle exec rake db:migrate (Optional)
  5. Run the test suite: bundle exec rake spec

Project Samvera

This software has been developed by and is brought to you by the Samvera community. Learn more at the Samvera website

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Scholar@UC: University of Cincinnati's self-submission institutional repository




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