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OSIS stands for Open Student Information System. It's an application designed to manage the core business of higher education institutions, such as universities, faculties, institutes and professional schools. The core business involves the administration of students, teachers, courses, programs and so on.

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Visit the project website for the latest news, to read the documentation, to meet the community and to learn how to contribute: You can find the technical documentation in the doc folder of the source code. There you learn:

  • how to prepare your develop environment (technical-manual.adoc)
  • how to install and configure OSIS (technical-manual.adoc)
  • how the data is organized and (data-manual.adoc)
  • how to use the application (user-manual.adoc)


OSIS is not a final product yet. It is still an on going project with ambitious goals and deadlines. The good news is that we are already using it in production because what is available complements or replaces existing business applications.


OSIS is writen in Python 3.4, HTML5 and uses Django 1.11 as web framework. To know more about the code and the collaboration of the community, please visit our OpenHub page.