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UCoin specifications:

  • Algorithm: X11(PoW&PoS)
  • Max coins: 20M
  • PoW coins: 2.6M(with premine)
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Block reward: 1(Premine: 1657545 coins for UCoinX15 holders and bounties); 2-149(0 coins); 150-3600(blocknumber*0.01), 3601-7499(36 for even blocks, 24 for odd); 7500-64999(18 for even blocks, 12 for odd); 65000-84999(12 for even blocks, 8 for odd); 85000-11499(24 for even blocks, 16 for odd)
  • PoS started on block: 500(PoW Period: 10% interest per month, after PoW 10% interest per year)
  • PoS Minimal Stake Age: 12 hours
  • PoS Max Stake Age: Unlimited
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