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What is Galah?

Galah is an automated grading system geared towards processing computer programming assignments.

Professors are responsible for creating test harnesses for their assignments. Aside from that Galah does the rest of the work: running those tests inside of secure Virtual Machines, consolodating results into a database, and providing an interface for the students and teachers to see the results of the testing.

Galah aims to set itself apart from similar software suites by being language agnostic, scalable, secure, easy to use, and simple (more on Galah's goals). Check out this comparison to similar software. You can also take a look at these screenshots to get an idea of what using Galah is like.

Documentation and Getting Started

Documentation for Galah is maintained on the GitHub project's wiki. This documentation is meant to be useful to users of Galah, interested parties looking to see if Galah would be useful to them, and developers.

Current Status

Version 0.1 is stable and ready to be used within a production environment. This first version is only a submission system and does not perform any testing on student's code.

Version 0.2 is unstable but highly useable (and is being used already). It has support for automated grading and instant feedback. Setting it up is a challenge though.


All source code is available for use under the Apache license (specific terms are available in the file at LICENSE).

All content (source code, configuration files, etc.) under the dev/ directory is available under the Unlicense (specific terms are available in the file at dev/LICENSE).


An automated grading system geared towards processing computer programming assignments.




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