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Cocos2dx Plugin

the project is iOS / Android plugin for Cocos2d-x.


the project is develoed by Cocos2d-x(3.10),Xcode(9.2),Android Studio(2.2.2),

iOS plugin supported iOS10.0 Later.

Android plugin supported Android 4.3(JELLY_BEAN_MR2/API Level 18) Later.


Notes on use for iOS cocos2dx_ios_plugin or copy Cocos2dxiOSPlugin.framework to your cocos2d-x ios project. your cocos2d-x ios project in Xcode. and should to D&D Cocos2dxiOSPlugin.framework to General→Embedded Binaries. should to change Xcode settings.

  • Architectures→Build Architecture Only:Debug/Release→Yes

  • Architectures→Supported Platform:iphoneos→iOS

  • Build Settings→Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries→YES

  • Generarl→Deployment Info→Deployment Target→iOS10. should to change C++ source type C++ to Objective-C++ in following directory your cocos2dx ios project with Xcode.

Notes on use for Android cocos2dx_android_plugin or copy Cocos2dxAndroidPlugin.jar to your cocos2d-x android project following directory cocos2d-x android project with cocos command for Android Studio.

cocos compile -s /path/to/your/cocos2d-x android project -p android --android-studio
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