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#!/usr/bin/env python
import csv
import getpass
import json
import os
import re
import requests
import sys
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
from optparse import OptionParser
from urlparse import urljoin
EMAILS = {'Singh A K': '',
'Hardekopf B C': '',
'Costanzo C': '',
'Koc C K': '',
'Moser L E': '',
'Buoni M J': '',
'Manjunath B S': '',
'Sen P': '',
'Tessaro S M': '',
'Kim T': ''}
#parent class with debugging features, and html requests
class StupidUCSBWebApp(object):
PREFIX = 'ctl00$pageContent${}'
def __init__(self, debug=False):
self.session = requests.session()
self.view_state = None
self.event_validation = None
self.debug = debug
def request(self, url, data=None, soupify=True, disable_debug=False):
if self.debug:
print('Fetching {0}'.format(url))
if data and not disable_debug:
elif data:
print('POST data hidden\n')
if not data:
# verify=False ignores ssl certs... sometimes it seems the coursesearch cert is broken
r = self.session.get(url, verify=False)
params = {'__VIEWSTATE': self.view_state,
'__EVENTVALIDATION': self.event_validation}
for param, value in data.items():
if param.endswith('.?'):
params[self.PREFIX.format(param.replace('?', 'x'))] = value
params[self.PREFIX.format(param.replace('?', 'y'))] = value
params[self.PREFIX.format(param)] = value
r =, data=params)
if r.status_code != 200:
raise Exception('Status code: {}'.format(r.status_code))
if soupify:
soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text)
return soup, r
return r
def update(self, soup):
value = lambda x:str(soup('input', id=x)[0]['value'])
self.view_state = value('__VIEWSTATE')
self.event_validation = value('__EVENTVALIDATION')
def verify_url(self, expected, url):
if expected != url:
raise Exception('Expected {!r} Found {!r}'.format(expected, url))
#this class downloads all of the students from the UCSB egrades website, the person running this
#script must be marked as a proxy on egrades.
class Egrades(StupidUCSBWebApp):
URL_DOWNLOAD = urljoin(URL_BASE, 'ClasslistDownload.aspx')
URL_GRADEBOOK = urljoin(URL_BASE, 'Gradebook.aspx')
URL_INSTRUCTOR = urljoin(URL_BASE, 'InstructorMain.aspx')
def login(self):
print "Connecting to egrades"
url = urljoin(self.URL_BASE, 'Login.aspx')
while True:
sys.stdout.write('Username: ')
username = sys.stdin.readline().strip()
password = getpass.getpass()
_, r = self.request(url, {'txtUCSBNetID': username,
'txtPassword': password,
'btnContinue.?': 0},
if r.url != url:
print('Login failed, try again.')
def find_courses(self, quarter, faculty_email):
# Make proxy selection
print "Downloading class lists..."
url = urljoin(self.URL_BASE, 'RoleSelection.aspx')
soup, r = self.request(url, {'roleSelectList': 'Proxy',
'continueButton.?': 0})
self.verify_url(self.URL_INSTRUCTOR, r.url)
current_quarter = soup('option', selected='selected')[0]['value']
# Update quarter if necessary
if quarter and current_quarter != quarter:
soup, r = self.request(self.URL_INSTRUCTOR,
{'ddlQuarterList': quarter})
self.verify_url(self.URL_INSTRUCTOR, r.url)
self.quarter = quarter
self.quarter = current_quarter
for item in soup('input', type='image'):
#print "ITEM:"
#print item
value = item['name'][len(self.PREFIX) - 2:]
if 'Secondary' in value:
# Skip classes with no students
students_raw = item.parent.parent.findAll('td')[4].contents[0]
num_students = int(students_raw.strip().split('/')[0])
if num_students <= 0:
prof_raw = item.parent.parent.findAll('td')[2].contents[0]
professor = prof_raw.rstrip('&nbsp;').strip().title()
email = faculty_email.get_email(professor)
yield ''.join(item['title'].split()[1:3]), {'name': professor, 'email': email}, value
def fetch_course_list(self, course_key, save_dir):
# Visit class page
_, r = self.request(self.URL_INSTRUCTOR, {'{}.?'.format(course_key): 0})
self.verify_url(self.URL_GRADEBOOK, r.url)
_, r = self.request(self.URL_GRADEBOOK, {'btnDownloadGradesTop.?': 0})
self.verify_url(self.URL_DOWNLOAD, r.url)
r = self.request(self.URL_DOWNLOAD, {'Download.?': 0}, soupify=False)
if 'content-disposition' not in r.headers:
raise Exception('Did not receive the expected file')
if save_dir:
filename = r.headers['content-disposition'].split('=')[1]
if not os.path.isdir(save_dir):
with open(os.path.join(save_dir, filename), 'w') as fp:
print('Saved: {}'.format(filename))
return get_students(r.text)
class CSFacultyEmail(object):
URL = ''
CS_RE = re.compile('$')
def __init__(self):
r = requests.get(self.URL)
self.soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text)
def get_email(self, name):
if name in EMAILS:
return EMAILS[name]
result = self.soup.find('td', text=name)
if result and == 'a':
url = result.parent['href']
match =
if match:
return '{}'.format(
return ask_for_email(name)
class CSGradEmail(object):
def first_last(name):
parts = name.split()
return '{} {}'.format(parts[0], parts[-1])
def __init__(self):
r = requests.get('')
soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text)
self.mapping = {}
for row in soup.findAll('tr'):
name_anchor = row('td')[0]('a')[0]
name = self.first_last(name_anchor.contents[0])
assert(name not in self.mapping) # potential for duplicates
self.mapping[name] = name_anchor['href'][7:]
def get_email(self, name):
name_key = self.first_last(name)
if name_key in self.mapping:
return self.mapping[name_key]
return ask_for_email(name)
#not sure why we get instructor names from the course catalog when they exist the exact same on egrades
#so i commented this out
#class CourseCatelog(StupidUCSBWebApp):
# URL = ''
# def get_instructors(self, quarter, include, faculty_email):
# self.request(self.URL)
# soup, _ = self.request(self.URL, {'courseList': 'CMPSC',
# 'quarterList': quarter,
# 'dropDownCourseLevels': 'All',
# 'searchButton.?': 0})
# course_rows = soup('tr', attrs={'class': 'CourseInfoRow'})
# seen = set()
# for course_row in course_rows:
# name_td = course_row('td')[1]
# name_td.div.extract()
# course = name_td.contents[0].strip().replace(' ', '').lower()
# if course not in seen and course in include:
# course_row('td')[4].div.extract()
# instructor = course_row('td')[5].contents[0].strip().title()
# email = faculty_email.get_email(instructor)
# yield course, {'name': instructor, 'email': email}
# seen.add(course)
def get_tas(ta_csv_file, include, grad_email):
tas_csv = csv.reader(open(ta_csv_file), delimiter=',', quotechar='"')
except IOError:
sys.stderr.write('{!r} does not exist\n'.format(ta_csv_file))
name_re = re.compile('^[A-Za-z -]+$')
for row in tas_csv:
course_field = row[CSV_COURSE_COL].strip()
if not course_field or not course_field[CSV_COURSE_COL].isdigit():
instructor = row[CSV_INSTRUCTOR_COL].strip().title()
course = 'cmpsc{}'.format(course_field).lower()
if format_course_key(course,instructor) not in include:
print('Ignoring course {!r}'.format(course))
tas = []
for item in row[CSV_TA_COL:]:
if not item:
if 'reader' in item.lower() or not name_re.match(item):
print('Skipping {!r} for {!r}'.format(item, course))
name = item.strip()
email = grad_email.get_email(name)
tas.append({'name': name, 'email': email})
yield course, instructor, tas
def ask_for_email(name):
sys.stdout.write('Email needed for {!r}: '.format(name))
return sys.stdin.readline().strip()
def get_students(data):
students = []
for row in csv.reader(data.split('\n')[1:]):
if not row:
name = '{} {}'.format(row[5], row[4]).strip().title()
email = row[10].strip()
grade = row[2].strip()
#ignore students who have withdrawn
if grade is 'W':
if not email:
email = ask_for_email(name)
students.append({'name': name, 'email': email})
return students
def format_course_key(course, instructor):
#If the person has two last names, we want both of them, otherwise just their last name, no initials
if len(instructor.split(" ")) > 1 and len(instructor.split(" ")[1]) > 1:
name = instructor.split(" ")[0] + "_" + instructor.split(" ")[1]
name = instructor.split(" ")[0]
return course.lower()+'_'+name.lower()
def main():
msg = {'load': 'When provided, course rosters are loaded from DIR.',
'save': 'When provided, course rosters are saved to DIR.',
'quarter': ('When provided, fetch the course list for the specified '
'quarter in the format YYYYQ, where Q should be 1 for '
'Winter, 2 for Spring, 3 for Summer and 4 for Fall. When'
' not provided, the current quarter is obtained via '
'egrades or the loaded course rosters.')}
parser = OptionParser('Usage: %prog [options] TA_CSV_FILE')
parser.add_option('-l', '--load', metavar='DIR', help=msg['load'])
parser.add_option('-s', '--save', metavar='DIR', help=msg['save'])
parser.add_option('-q', '--quarter', help=msg['quarter'])
parser.add_option('-d', '--debug', action='store_true')
options, args = parser.parse_args()
if len(args) != 1:
parser.error('Must provide TA_CSV_FILE argument')
elif not args[0].lower().endswith('.csv') :
parser.error('The file provided must be a .CSV file')
# error on mutually exclusive options
for x, y in (('load', 'save'), ('load', 'quarter')):
if getattr(options, x) and getattr(options, y):
parser.error('--{} and --{} cannot both be provided.'.format(x, y))
# Initialize requests
faculty_email = CSFacultyEmail()
grad_email = CSGradEmail()
# fetch or load student to course mapping
course_data = {}
if options.load:
for filename in os.listdir(options.load):
path = os.path.join(options.load, filename)
students = get_students(open(path).read())
course_data[filename.split('_')[1].lower()] = {'students': students}
quarter = filename.split('_', 1)[0]
quarter = '20{}{}'.format(quarter[1:],
{'W': 1, 'S': 2, 'M': 3, 'F': 4}[quarter[0]])
e = Egrades(debug=options.debug)
for course, instructor, value in e.find_courses(options.quarter, faculty_email):
students = e.fetch_course_list(value,
print 'course:' + course + ' professor:' + str(instructor)
course_data[ format_course_key(course,instructor['name']) ] = {'students': students}
course_data[ format_course_key(course,instructor['name']) ]['instructor'] = instructor
quarter = e.quarter
course_set = set(course_data)
#not sure why we get instructor names from the course catalog when they exist the exact same on egrades
#so i commented this out
# add instructor information to courses
#c = CourseCatelog(debug=options.debug)
#courses = c.get_instructors(quarter, course_set, faculty_email)
#for course, instructor in courses:
# print course
# print instructor
# course_data[course+"|"+instructor['name']]['instructor'] = instructor
# add ta information to courses
for course, instructor, tas in get_tas(args[0], course_set, grad_email):
course_data[ format_course_key(course,instructor) ]['tas'] = tas
json.dump(course_data, open('output.json', 'w'))
if __name__ == '__main__':