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INT 15: Data Science Principles & Techniques
Shell Ruby
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Jekyll-based website for UCSB INT15, for shared course materials.

  • website:
  • The theme currently being used can be find in the jekyll-theme value in _config.yml
  • The navigation is set by the values in _data/navigation.yml


Build Status: Build Status

The continuous integration service can be used to check whether a Github Pages site is building properly, and if not, see the syntax errors.

The site for this repo is:

  • At that site you can enable builds (if the logo shows grey for no info), or see a log of the latest build.
  • Also, see the green dots, yellow dots, and red x's on the Commit log of this repo
  • These instructions explain how to add a Build Status logo to a

To test locally:

  • One time setup:
    • git clone the repo
    • Install rvm (the Ruby version manager)
    • Run ./ to install correct ruby version, bundler version, and bundle the gems
  • From then on, to test the site locally:
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