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Towards Automatically Generating a Sound and Complete Dataset for Evaluating Static Analysis Tools

The goal of the project is to randomly insert program facts to test binary static analysis tools.


We need LLVM to be present on the system.

Installing LLVM

Build LLVM and Clang (if you have already done both, just skip it and jump to step 5)

  1. Download LLVM-6.0.0, clang-6.0.0

  2. Unzip the LLVM and Clang source files

tar xf llvm-6.0.0.src.tar.xz
tar xf cfe-6.0.0.src.tar.xz
mv cfe-6.0.0.src llvm-6.0.0.src/tools/clang
  1. Create your target build folder and make
mkdir llvm-6.0.0.obj
cd llvm-6.0.0.obj
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../llvm-6.0.0.src (or add "-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Release" for releae version)
make -j8  
  1. Add paths for LLVM and Clang
export LLVM_SRC=your_path_to_llvm-6.0.0.src
export LLVM_OBJ=your_path_to_llvm-6.0.0.obj
export LLVM_DIR=your_path_to_llvm-6.0.0.obj
export PATH=$LLVM_DIR/bin:$PATH

Build Facts Inserter

  1. Download the autofacts source code
git clone autofacts
  1. Build autofacts using cmake
cd autofacts
mkdir Release-build
cd Release-build
cmake ../llvmstuff
make -j4

Debug build

cd autofacts
mkdir Debug-build
cd Debug-build
cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Debug ../llvmstuff
make -j4

This will generate the pass shared object in the folder Debug-build/llvmpasses/FactsInserter.

Using Facts Inserter

To run the pass, use the path to the shared object along with the supported arguments:

opt -load Debug-build/llvmpasses/FactsInserter/ -insfacts <arguments> <input_bc_file>

Supported arguments:

  Select sensitivity of the facts to be inserted.
    -ns                                                                            - Insensitive
    -fs                                                                            - Flow sensitive.
    -ps                                                                            - Path sensitive.
    -cs                                                                            - Context sensitive.
    -fps                                                                           - Flow and path sensitive.
    -fcs                                                                           - Flow and context sensitive.
  Select fact type to be inserted
    -dataptr                                                                       - Data pointer facts.
    -funcptr                                                                       - Function pointer facts.

  -numFacts=<Unsigned long value indicating total number of facts to be inserted.> - Total number of facts to be inserted.

 -outputFile=<Path of the output file.>                                           - Path to the output file, where all the warnings should be stored.


An example bitcode file is placed under the folder 'examples'.

To insert 4 (-numFacts=4), data pointer (-dataptr), flow-sensitive (-fs) facts into the bitcode file examples/simple.bc and create a new bitcode file examples/simple_output.bc (argument to -o) with output written to stats.json (argument to -outputFile).

Run the following command:

opt -load Debug-build/llvmpasses/FactsInserter/ -insfacts -fs -dataptr -numFacts=4 -outputFile=stats.json examples/simple.bc -o examples/simple_output.bc

Note: As the insertion logic is random, running the pass multiple times might insert facts at different places i.e., different functions and basic blocks.


We have generated dataset for few programs and they are present under folder: sample_dataset


Towards Automatically Generating a Sound and Complete Dataset for Evaluating Static Analysis Tools








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