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Error reporting (via flycheck) and type display (via pos-tip) for liquidhaskell

Now a minor mode!


Make sure you have the following packages installed:

We recommend using MELPA to install the dependencies.


Step 1 Grab the package from MELPA, or manually like so:

Grab the various mode files:

cd ~/.emacs.d
git clone

Add the following to your load-path:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/liquid-tip.el/")

Step 2 Add the following to your init.el or equivalent:

;; ----------------------- Configure Flycheck ------------------

(require 'flycheck)

;; Global Flycheck

;; Rerun check on idle and save
(setq flycheck-check-syntax-automatically
'(mode-enabled idle-change save))

;; ----------------------- Configure LiquidHaskell -------------

;; Configure flycheck-liquidhs, if you haven't already
(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook
          '(lambda () (flycheck-select-checker 'haskell-liquid)))

(add-hook 'literate-haskell-mode-hook
          '(lambda () (flycheck-select-checker 'haskell-liquid)))

(require 'liquid-types)

;; Toggle minor mode on entering Haskell mode.
(add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook
          '(lambda () (liquid-types-mode)))
(add-hook 'literate-haskell-mode-hook
	  '(lambda () (liquid-types-mode)))

Step 3 To toggle liquid-types-mode manually, do M-x liquid-types-mode.


You can customize liquid-tip-mode using M-x customize. Search for liquid-tip, then select from the options.

Customizable variables are :

  • liquid-types-style The style for the popup tooltip. Available styles are 'ascii and 'balloon
  • liquid-types-checker-name The name of the checker you run liquidhaskell with --- specify which file prefixes to load. Either 'flycheck or nil
  • liquid-types-trigger The available options are double click 'double-mouse-1 and shift-double click 'S-double-mouse-1, or you can enter a symbol corresponding to a mouse action.

You can customize flycheck in various ways.

Multiple Checkers You can chain multiple checkers by:

(add-hook 'flycheck-mode-hook
      (lambda () (require 'flycheck-liquid)
        (flycheck-add-next-checker 'haskell-ghc 'haskell-hlint)
        (flycheck-add-next-checker 'haskell-hlint 'haskell-liquid)))

Error Highlighting To highlight errors in red:

(require 'flycheck-color-mode-line)

(eval-after-load "flycheck"
  '(add-hook 'flycheck-mode-hook 'flycheck-color-mode-line-mode))

(set-face-attribute 'flycheck-error nil
                    :foreground "red"
	            :background "pink")

Disable To disable flycheck-liquid on a particular file, add:

-- Local Variables:
-- flycheck-disabled-checkers: (haskell-liquid)
-- End:

at the end of the file.