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Contains Reinforcement Learning environments for the da Vinci Surgical System
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RL Environments for the da Vinvi Surgical System

Arxiv paper:

Video link :

System set up, note that only linux is supported:

  1. Requires Docker:
  2. Requires NVIDIA Container Runtime for Docker:
  3. Enable GUI for Docker containers:
  4. Run bash script to build Docker Images: bash
  5. Python packages: pip install transforms3d docker gym matplotlib

To speed up the simulation during training, V-REP can be launched within the docker in hidden mode.

To turn this on modify the last line in dVRL_simulator/environments/<reach/pick>_ee_dockerfile/Dockerfile. Add the "-h" flag in the final line:

CMD /app/V-REP/ -h -s -q /app/scene.ttt
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