Linked Data Project Group Webinars

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In January 2019, the UC Libraries Linked Data project team hosted two webinars to kick off the new year! While these events are now in the past, you can still view the recordings to find out from our presenters why we think linked data is so interesting and to learn more about what our UC colleagues are doing with it. These webinars are focused on showing current and near term applications of linked data and are geared towards a broad audience, so we do our best to avoid unnecessary technical terminology, deep dives into technical details, and complicated infrastructure schematics as much as possible!

The recordings, as well as slides for each webinar, are linked below.

It’s Here! Linked Data in Action


This webinar shows real-world applications of linked data, emphasizing the benefits and impact linked data can have on the library user’s experience. Using the examples we also introduce essential linked data terminology and concepts, with a focus on ideas key to understanding the implications of linked data for library services.

Presented by: Carl Stahmer, Director of Data and Digital Scholarship, University Library and Associate Professor for English, University of California, Davis on January 10th, 2019

It’s Everywhere! Current Linked Data Activity, UC and Beyond


This webinar showcases current UC linked data projects, as well as some initiatives from the larger library community. We also explore linked data in connection with authority and identity management, metadata modeling and conversion, and future opportunities.

Presented by: Kathryn Stine, Manager, Digital Content Development and Strategy, California Digital Library on January 16th, 2019

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