Starter project for the VR Developer Nanodegree > VR Design course
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Starter project for the Udacity VR Developer Nanodegree program.

  • Course: VR Design
  • Project: Puzzler

Versions Used

Directory Structure

  • The Unity project is the child directory of the repository and named according to the associated lesson.
  • The Unity project is 'cleaned' and includes the Assets folder, the ProjectSettings folder, and the UnityPackageManager folder.

GVR SDK for Unity

  • GoogleVR > Demos is not included.
  • GoogleVR > GVRVideoPlayer.unitypackage is included.
  • The Max Reticle Distance value for the GvrReticlePointer used in the scene is set to 20 instead of the default 10.
  • Scripts applicable to the course have been updated to reflect Unity's API change from UnityEngine.VR to UnityEngine.XR.

Note: If for any reason you remove and re-import GVR SDK for Unity v1.170.0, make sure you accept any API update pop-up prompts triggered by Unity. Alternatively, you can manually run the API updater (Unity menu Assets > Run API Updater...) after the import has completed.

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