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Collaborative Create-Your-Own-Adventure

This is an example repo that illustrates the concept of a "Pull Request", created as part of the Udacity course How to Use Git and GitHub. In the create-your-own-adventure story the reader chooses what action to take and turns to an appropriate page of the story based on their choice. It is collaborative because it is written one small piece at a time by many authors. To start reading the story, click here.

Format of the Story

Each "page" of this story is a separate file. The files are Markdown, which means they are plain text, but with a few special capabilities. The only Markdown capability used in this story is links. By putting text in brackets and a URL in parentheses, you can add a link to the story. For example, the following text would turn "here" into a link to Google:

Click [here]( to visit Google.

Contribution Guidelines

Make Appropriately Sized Changes

Try to keep your change small. Part of the fun of a collaborative story is that no one person writes very much of it! On the other hand, please don't add an option without adding any story for readers who choose that option, or the story will soon be full of dead links. Instead, the last .md file the reader reaches on any path of the story should not have any options. For an example, see this file from an early version of the story. Here are some examples of appropriate changes:

  • Add a sentence or two to an existing "page" (file) of the story.
  • Add a new option to an existing choice point, and link that option to an existing "page".
  • Add a new option to an existing choice point, create a new "page" for that option, and add a sentence or two to the new "page".
  • Add a couple of options to a current dead-end "page", and add a "page" or link to an existing "page" for each option.

Directory Structure

We expect that this repository will eventually contain quite a few files, so we have a unique directory structure that we'd like contributors to follow to help keep things organized.

Each "page" in the story should have its own directory with a single Markdown file. The name of the Markdown file should reflect the subject of the file. For example, the first "page" is at the top of the repository, and it is named because in it, the reader selects their language.

When you add a new option to an existing "page", you should add the file for that new option in a subdirectory of the file that links to it. For example, when I added the option to eat the walls on the "page" english/, I created a new directory called english/eating-walls/, and a new file within that directory called english/eating-walls/

Use Relative Links

The links in this file should be relative links so that they will still work if the repository is forked. View the file for an example of relative links. (Click the "Raw" button to view the text that creates the links.) You can also use .. to refer to the parent of the current directory if necessary.

Line Length

Please keep all lines to 120 characters or fewer. Otherwise, the raw files will be difficult to read in the browser or on the command line, and changes will be harder to review.

Blank Lines Between Options

Insert blank lines between different options so that the options will be visually separated.

Avoid Using Markdown Features

Other than links, please only use plain text in your story and not the other features of Markdown. We want it to be easy to read the raw files even for people who don't know Markdown.


The content of this repository is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License


This is example repo illustrates the concept of a "Pull Request", created as part of the course How to Use Git and GitHub






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