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Classic Arcade Game Clone Project

Table of Contents


Use this rubric for self-checking your submission.

Make sure the functions you write are object-oriented - either class functions (like Player and Enemy) or class prototype functions such as Enemy.prototype.checkCollisions. Also make sure that the keyword this is used appropriately within your class and class prototype functions to refer to the object the function is called upon.

Your file should be updated with instructions on both how to 1. Run and 2. Play your arcade game.

For detailed instructions on how to get started, check out this guide.


This repository is the starter code for all Udacity students. Therefore, we most likely will not accept pull requests.

Archival Note

This repository is deprecated; therefore, we are going to archive it. However, learners will be able to fork it to their personal Github account but cannot submit PRs to this repository. If you have any issues or suggestions to make, feel free to: