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Dataset Wiki

In an attempt to cleanup the data release practices of the Udacity Self-Driving Car team, we will start maintaining this wiki of data we have uploaded. Issues persist throughout many of the datasets, so we will be working backwards to catalog legacy data and unify the naming methodology. Please feel free to add to this list and submit a PR.

Check out udacity-driving-reader for some easy-to-use scripts to read or export to CSV or TensorFlow.

Current Releases

These releases should be issue/error free and comply with the new naming schema.

Challenge 2 Driving Data

Name Purpose
CH2_001 Final testing data for the last round of Challenge 2
CH2_002 Training data with very similar driving conditions to Ch2_001

Challenge 3 Driving Data

Name Purpose
CH3_001 Northbound and Southbound drives on El Camino with IMU positioning
CH3_002 Continuous North/South on El Camino with IMU positioning and HDL-32E LIDAR

Misc. Driving Data

Name Purpose
CHX_001 Lap around block at Udacity office with new HDL-32E LIDAR

Legacy Data

All torrent releases from Udacity can be found on our AcademicTorrents page with associated descriptions. These releases are old and likely have issues that make them unsuitable for training, but many are useful. We will update legacy releases with more info as we move forward, but please use them only as a reference for now if you don't check them beforehand.

Driving Data

Date Lighting Conditions Duration Compressed Size Uncompressed Direct Download Torrent MD5
09/29/2016 Sunny 00:12:40 25G 40G HTTP Torrent 33a10f7835068eeb29b2a3274c216e7d
10/03/2016 Overcast 00:58:53 124G 183G HTTP Torrent 34362e7d997476ed972d475b93b876f3
10/10/2016 Sunny 03:20:02 21G 23.3G Torrent 156fb6975060f60c452a9fa7c4121195
10/20/2016 Sunny 03:30:00 30G 40G Torrent 13f107727bed0ee5731647b4e114a545

Isolated and Trimmed Driving Data

With the help of Auro Robotics, compression, and selective recording, we now have considerably smaller datasets.