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charlielito script name correction
To pre-process phase 2 test data, run:
python preprocess_train_data.py

it should bepython preprocess_test_data.py
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Steering Models

Here you will find code and documentation for community solutions to Udacity Challenge #2: Predicting Steering Angles. The steering-node folder includes the code we actually use on the vehicle to test models, the community-models folder includes information about the approaches to training and model building that the finalists used, and the "evaluation" folder includes links to the finalist models and associated scripts to test them on real image streams from the Udacity datasets.


This code is currently for research purposes only, and should not, at this time, be used in the operation of an actual vehicle. We have put the software together using ROS as a middleware, which allows you to use recorded data from a real vehicle to simulate how the software would perform on real roads without risk.