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Google and Udacity course on Accessibility.
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Udacity Web Accessibility

Hi there! This is the course repo for Udacity Web Accessibility. Contained in this repo are a number of sample exercises to help you improve your accessibility skills.

Important note 🚨

The exercises in this repo are for you to complete on your own time. You do not need to send pull requests to this repo when you complete an exercise. Instead, take a look at the next video in the Udacity course where the solution will be shown and compare that to your answer. Sorry for any confusion! 😇

Running the examples

Most of the examples can just have their index.html dragged into the browser in order to run. Some examples may require running a local server, an easy way to run a local server is with the Web Server for Chrome extension. If you need to run a local server for an example we'll be sure to note this requirement in the example's README as well as in the course instructor notes.

Found a bug?

Please feel free to create an issue if you find anything wrong with the exercises.

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