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A public repository for UDAParts ( SocketPro async communication framework
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  1. A public repository for UDAParts ( SocketPro secured asynchronous communication framework. It contains a complete SocketPro software development kit with many tutorial and sample projects for C++, Java, .NET, Python and Node.js as well as JavaScript across different operation systems.

  2. SocketPro is next generation technology that streams both requests and responses. It is written from scratch with continuous in-line request/result batching, real-time stream sending/processing, asynchronous data transferring and parallel computation in mind. SocketPro offers superior performance and scalability with many unique and critical features. These features will definitely solve your daunting issues and meet complex needs. Consequently, SocketPro will help you quickly develop high-quality distributed applications on major platforms such as Windows, Linux variants and browsers as well as Apple and devices in the future.

  3. Key features are:

    • Simple for development
    • Integrated multiple communication patterns such as client-server, subscribe/publish, persistent message queue and load balancing as well as routing and replication
    • Rich features with many unique ones because of its unique design
    • Superior performance and scalability
    • Great fault tolerance, no message/request loss, and connection auto recovery
    • Well support on modern language development features such as anonymous function, closure, Lambda expression, async/await, future, promise, yield and so on
    • Cross development languages and platforms supported
    • Great maintainability, modularity and version control
  4. High performance Plug-ins with opened source codes

    • Superior performance asynchronous message persistent queue (free)
    • High performance file streaming (free)
    • SQL streaming for SQLite 3.11.1 or later (free)
    • SQL streaming database server plugin for MySQL 8.0.11 or later (free)
    • SQL streaming database server plugin for MySQL 5.7.22 or older (free)
    • SQL streaming database server plugin for Mariadb (free)
    • SQL streaming for MySQL/Mariadb middle tier (free)
    • SQL streaming for MS SQL server 2008 or later
    • SQL streaming for anyone of databases having ODBC driver
  5. Boost libraries ( are required for C/C++ development on non-window platforms. This is NOT required at all with Visual C++ development.

  6. We use netbeans ( for Java development on all platforms; and also for C/C++ developments on Linux platforms.

  7. We use PyCharm ( for python development on all platforms. Its free Community Edition works just fine.

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