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"""tutorial.Parse block template.
udapy read.Conllu zone=gold files=sample.conllu \
read.Conllu zone=pred files=sample.conllu \
transform.Flatten zones=pred \
tutorial.Parse zones=pred \
eval.Parsing gold_zone=gold \
util.MarkDiff gold_zone=gold \
write.TextModeTreesHtml marked_only=1 files=parse-diff.html
# nickname = xy123
# TODO: make up a unique nickname and edit the previous line
# if you want your results to be listed on the NPFL070 web (under that nickname).
# Delete the line if you don't want to listed on the web.
from udapi.core.block import Block
class Parse(Block):
"""Dependency parsing."""
def __init__(self, language='en', **kwargs):
self.language = language
def process_tree(self, root):
# TODO: Your task: implement a better heuristics than "right chain"
for node in root.descendants:
if node.next_node:
node.parent = node.next_node
node.deprel = 'root'