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"""util.MarkDiff is a special block for marking differences between parallel trees."""
import difflib
from udapi.core.block import Block
class MarkDiff(Block):
"""Mark differences between parallel trees."""
def __init__(self, gold_zone, attributes='form,lemma,upos,xpos,deprel,feats,misc',
mark=1, add=False, **kwargs):
"""Create the Mark block object."""
self.gold_zone = gold_zone
self.attrs = attributes.split(',')
self.mark = mark
self.add = add
def process_tree(self, tree):
gold_tree = tree.bundle.get_tree(self.gold_zone)
if tree == gold_tree:
if not self.add:
for node in tree.descendants + gold_tree.descendants:
del node.misc['Mark']
del node.misc['ToDo']
del node.misc['Bug']
pred_nodes, gold_nodes = tree.descendants, gold_tree.descendants
# Make sure both pred and gold trees are marked, even if one has just deleted nodes.
if len(pred_nodes) != len(gold_nodes):
tree.add_comment('Mark = %s' % self.mark)
gold_tree.add_comment('Mark = %s' % self.mark)
pred_tokens = ['_'.join(n.get_attrs(self.attrs)) for n in pred_nodes]
gold_tokens = ['_'.join(n.get_attrs(self.attrs)) for n in gold_nodes]
matcher = difflib.SequenceMatcher(None, pred_tokens, gold_tokens, autojunk=False)
diffs = list(matcher.get_opcodes())
alignment = {-1: -1}
for diff in diffs:
edit, pred_lo, pred_hi, gold_lo, gold_hi = diff
if edit in {'equal', 'replace'}:
for i in range(pred_lo, pred_hi):
alignment[i] = i - pred_lo + gold_lo
for diff in diffs:
edit, pred_lo, pred_hi, gold_lo, gold_hi = diff
if edit == 'equal':
for p_node, g_node in zip(pred_nodes[pred_lo:pred_hi], gold_nodes[gold_lo:gold_hi]):
if alignment.get(p_node.parent.ord - 1) != g_node.parent.ord - 1:
p_node.misc['Mark'] = self.mark
g_node.misc['Mark'] = self.mark
for node in pred_nodes[pred_lo:pred_hi] + gold_nodes[gold_lo:gold_hi]:
node.misc['Mark'] = self.mark
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