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Deploy Host Guardian Service (HGS) For Shielded VM in Windows Server 2016 in Standalone or High Availability mode using Failover Clustering.

This template allows you to Deploy Host Guardian Service For Shielded VM in Windows Server 2016 in Standalone mode (numberOfInstances=1) or in High Availability mode (numberOfInstances=1+) using Windows Failover Clustering.

This template creates an Availability Set for SLA of 99.95% when deployed with high availability (i.e. numberOfInstances=2+ ) and configure NAT rules through the load balancer.

The “Host Guardian Service” (HGS) is a new server role introduced in Windows Server 2016. HGS provides Attestation and Key Protection services that enable Hyper-V to run Shielded virtual machines. A Hyper-V host is known as a “guarded host” once the Attestation service affirmatively validates its identity & configuration. Once affirmatively attested, the Key Protection service provides the transport key (TK) needed to unlock & run Shielded VMs.

Shielded VMs protect VM data and state by supporting a virtual TPM (vTPM) device which allows BitLocker encryption of the VM’s disks. This vTPM device is encrypted with a transport key. HGS is a security critical component that protects the TK. In addition, there are significant security enhancements made across multiple components (including Hyper-V) that raise the security assurance levels for Shielded VMs. For more details on terms like Shielded VMs, guarded fabric, guarded hosts, etc. click here.