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Sentiment Analyses on Twitter data
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Sentiment Analyses on Twitter data

This repository includes code which was used during the "Sentiment Analyses with Twitter Data" meetup from Byte Academy on November 4,2017. There are three files, descriptions of each are below.

Description of files:

  1. : Basic code on how to interact with Twitter API with twitter (python wrapper) package. Returns JSON objects of Tweets which match a certain search parameter, q.
  2. : Similar to the above file. Only difference is that this code uses the Tweepy instead of the Twitter wrapper.
  3. pos_tweets.txt: Labelled list of words with a positive sentiment.
  4. neg_tweets.txt: Labelled list of words with a negative sentiment.
  5. Twitter_Sentiment.ipynb: Ipython notebook with code for data cleaning and predicting sentiments using Naive Bayes Classifier.
  6. Presentation PPT
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