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UW CSE-EE 371 Final Project
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UW CSE-EE 371 Final Project Android Application.

Effort by : Team Seattle Snakers : Haytham S, Nguyen L. Samson W. & Uday M .

Seattle Snakers powered by Adafruit Bluefruit 52 & Intel Altera FGPA for Android (4.4 & up).

This app is implemented as a part of CSE/EE 371 Final Project in Spring 2018. For complete project code including Verilog implementation, please go to (Email request needed to view this private repository for avoiding plagarism by future UW CSE/EE students).

We used some of the source code provided by Adafruit Industries for Bluefruit configuration.

This app is DMCA Copyright protected and must not be distributed without written consent of UW CSE or EE department(s) and Adafruit Industries.

Seattle Snakers application enables the exchange of information between your Bluefruit LE breakout and your BLE enabled Android device (Android 4.4 and higher required). It also allows the user a game pad controller interface to send instructions for Multiplayer Snake Game to Bluefruit52 which then send the signals to the Intel Altera FGPA.

Android Appication developed by Uday Mahajan

© University of Washington, Seattle. All Rights Reserved. 2018.

This application works with the following Adafruit breakouts:


Unless otherwise specified, all files produced by Seattle Snakers team are covered by an MIT license.

Files produced by Adafruit Industries, Google (Android) and Nordic Semiconductors are covered by their own license terms, as detailed in the file headers and appropriate folders. Please carefully review the license requirements before using this source code in your own application.

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