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The Oboe systems

In an orchestra, the oboe plays an initial note which the other instruments use to tune to the right frequency before the performance begins; this bundle of packages, Oboe and TensorOboe, are automated model selection systems that uses collaborative filtering to find good models for supervised learning tasks within a user-specified time limit. Further hyperparameter tuning can be performed afterwards.

On a new dataset:

  • Oboe searches for promising estimators (supervised learners) by matrix factorization and classical experiment design. It requires a pre-processed dataset: one-hot encode categorical features and then standardize all features to have zero meanand unit variance. For a complete description, refer to our paper OBOE: Collaborative Filtering for AutoML Model Selection at KDD 2019.

  • TensorOboe searches for promising pipelines, which are directed graphs of learning components here, including imputation, encoding, standardization, dimensionality reduction and estimation. Thus it can accept a raw dataset, possibly with missing entries, different types of features, not-centered features, etc. For a complete description, refer to our paper AutoML Pipeline Selection: Efficiently Navigating the Combinatorial Space at KDD 2020.

This bundle of systems is still under developement and subjects to change. For any questions, please submit an issue. The authors will respond as soon as possible.


Dependencies with verified versions

The following packages/libraries are required. The versions in brackets are the versions that are verified to work. Other versions may work, but not guaranteed.

  • Python (3.7.3)
  • numpy (1.16.4)
  • scipy (1.4.1)
  • pandas (0.24.2)
  • scikit-learn (0.22.1)
  • multiprocessing (>=0.70.5)
  • tensorly (0.4.4)
  • OpenML (0.9.0)
  • mkl (>=1.0.0)
  • re
  • os
  • json

User Installation

This part is currently under development; an example for code usage is in the example folder. The package will be pip installable in the future.


The documentation of this part has not been finished. Please refer to the examples in the example folder.


[1] Chengrun Yang, Yuji Akimoto, Dae Won Kim, Madeleine Udell. OBOE: Collaborative filtering for AutoML model selection. KDD 2019.

[2] Chengrun Yang, Jicong Fan, Ziyang Wu, Madeleine Udell. AutoML Pipeline Selection: Efficiently Navigating the Combinatorial Space. KDD 2020.


An AutoML model selection system to select estimators or pipelines for a dataset.





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