Go golang API rest client for A10 Networks devices
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A10 golang rest client


git clone https://github.com/udhos/a10-go-rest-client ;# clone outside of GOPATH
cd a10-go-rest-client
go test ./a10go
go install ./a10go
go install ./examples/...


import "github.com/udhos/a10-go-rest-client/a10go"

// (...)

options := a10go.Options{Debug: true} // client options
c := a10go.New(host, options) // create api client

errLogin := c.Login(user, pass) // open session
if errLogin != nil {
    fmt.Printf("login failure: %v", errLogin)
vServers := c.VirtualServerList()

c.Logout() // close session

See GoDoc: http://godoc.org/github.com/udhos/a10-go-rest-client/a10go

See examples: