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A Youtube-music like app with a Spotify-like design - ad free and open source. Feel free to PR.
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uditkarode activities: MainActivity: enhancements
* bind service on resume
* if the bound service is cached, avoid rebinding
* use glide to set playback state drawables
Latest commit e98bf95 Mar 31, 2020


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.github/workflows actions: properly call sdkmanager Mar 27, 2020
.idea activities: Player: add visual sublisting indications Mar 30, 2020
app activities: MainActivity: enhancements Mar 31, 2020
gradle/wrapper Initial commit Mar 19, 2020
.gitignore .gitignore: ignore release builds Mar 23, 2020
LICENSE license: GPLv3 Mar 20, 2020
build.gradle gradle: uprev Kotlin to 1.3.71 Mar 24, 2020 Initial commit Mar 19, 2020
gradlew Initial commit Mar 19, 2020
gradlew.bat Initial commit Mar 19, 2020 pushbuild: shallow clone while updating builds Mar 23, 2020
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