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This is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions and answers, it also handles some known errors.


c10t uses too much memory

Then you can limit the amount of memory that c10t is allowed to use with the switch -M , this will force c10t too swap to file if the memory is breached. If you already are doing this and c10t uses too much memory (+/- 20MB is expected).

Post an issue report, you might have encountered a memory bug.


I get a DetachedProcessException

The DetachedProcessException basically means that something went wrong when communicating with c10t.

There are a couple of know DetachedProcessException's pending.

40404040404040404040404040404040404040404040404040404040404040404040404040404040404040... (and so forth potentionally [[crashing your window manager|Faq#My window manager crashes when an error occurs (linux)]])

This means that you are using an out of date c10t with the GUI, there is a bug in the integration protocol which triggers this.

Command could not be found

The best solution is to modify your environment hand have a folder like c:\bin included in your PATH, you can do this by using the following instructions (I think they are good). And place both the gui jar and c10t.exe in c:\bin.

The directories mentioned in the environment variable PATH are the once where most command-line programs will look for executables (like cmd) for you to run without actually having to navigate their.

My window manager crashes when an error occurs (linux)

There is an error in old versions of the GUI which allows the error window to have infinite width, which probably invokes a series of failures in the underlying gtk/X libraries.

This is fixed in newer versions.


c10t renders ugly maps

You can decide what colors c10t should use, the process is documented under User Manual, otherwise too bad. Some sacrifices has been made to improve performance. These might be fixed in the future, but involves:

  • Skylight will not light up edges, this is since each chunk is rendered by itself, and neighboring chunk information is required to do this.
  • Blocks are single colored, not textured. The rendering process is a simple painters algorithm with a ray tracing map to avoid dual operations. Texturing is only possible in a nice way if you it in a specialized pipeline, that or your program is slow (I chose speed --udoprog).
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