A cartography rewrite for minecraft devinf (map generator)
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Cartography for Minecraft

See INSTALL for installation instructions

See ChangeLog for changes

This version is hosted at http://github.com/udoprog/cartography

No features have been discarded, instead the code has been subtly refactored and improvements made where they dont effect functionality.

Future work

  • Making the cartographer more memory friendly by implementing incremental image rendering. Currently all renderblocks are kept in-memory prior to image generation, this can be improved upon.
  • Fixing proper commandline options and a gui wrapper similar to the windows version


Normal : a normal top down map
heightmap: a colorized heightmap
Heightgray: a black and white heightmap
Slice: render a slice of the map (specify which one in the edit box below)
Oblique: Render the map in oblique projection mode
Obliqueangle: Render the map in angled oblique projection mode

Ignore water: removes water from normal mode
Flip : flip the map vertically in oblique mode
Rotate: rotate the map 90 degrees in oblique mode
Day: Set lighting to day
Day/Night: set lighting to sunrise/dawn
Night: set lighting to night 
Cave Mode: Renders caves (empty blocks not lit by sunlight)
Only: Only render a selected block, 0 to render everything, 1-66 to only render a certain block