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Fri Nov 28 20:26:33 CET 2008 by udoprog
* fixed minor issues with lockfiles dissapearing.
* added several configuration warnings.
Thu Oct 9 18:57:08 CEST 2008 by udoprog
* added support for mp4 and ape in metadata reading,
did a rework to make it more flexible.
Thu Oct 9 05:36:02 CEST 2008 by plastbunker
* added year information
* fixed broken termcaps
Thu May 8 03:49:53 CEST 2008 by udoprog
* coloring no longer does anything, since terminal capabilites will check
if coloring is possible. if not it is just ignored. there was also some
dofficulties involved with this that wasn't expected, and the simple
sollution was this.
* Progressbar now works, all output is written to log.
Tue May 6 12:33:59 CEST 2008 by udoprog
* added experimental transcoding options. They are explained properly when
running 'musync --help' and trying the '-T' option.
-T flac=ogg would try to (encode) flac-filer into ogg. Musync would look
for the key 'flac-to-ogg' in configuration and expects the value of the
key to be a command using the variables %(source)s %(dest)s for encoding
the flac file (as source) and the target ogg (as dest).
* fixed checking for similar files in music database, files named the same
but with different extensions are effected. Users will be prompted to use
--allow-similar to allow for example an ogg and a flac file with same
artist, title, album and track to be added to db.
* all extensions in configuration no longer includes a dot '.', it is
important to fixed the keys 'supported-ext' and 'format' in configuration.
This has been fixed in example configuration.
* added terminal capabilities, if curses exists on target computer.
Coloring is now controlled trough this. (more dynamic).
Sun May 4 17:39:54 CEST 2008 by udoprog
* removed key sed-naming and renamed sed-with with filter-with. There is
also the possibility to use the %(field)s variable in the string which
enables you to use different configs for different fields in the metadata
(artist, album ...).
Fri May 2 22:38:39 CEST 2008 by udoprog
* added bash_completion script for easier usage. fix/lock/unlock command
lists database instead of working directoriy.
* fixed minor bugs, check all operations. now prints relativa paths (to
root) instead of long absolute ones.
Wed Apr 30 00:09:06 CEST 2008 by udoprog
* added better help when configuration is faulty (thanks to talyz for
* ive also started applying a better ChangeLog syntax.
* added option --progress for a progress-meter instead of output.
* santitized some spillage output. (--help, --version, etc...)
2008.04.23 udoprog
* added hinting
* Added option --overwrite (now known as --force)
* Fixed bug with absolute path reference in MusicFile. It used to disrupt
* Fixed comma-seperated value acceptance for --config parameter.
* Fixed internals and added class Withs (for fun) to handle commands.
* Change decoding to utf-16 instead of utf-8 when cleaning names. (major)
* Warnings are now printed onto stderr.
* Fixed recognition of 'tracknumber' key as 'track'
* Added key 'coloring' and 'default-config' (-C/--coloring in cli).
* Warnings are no longer logged.
* Stability and naming conventions somewhat differs.
* Linear reference is now possible with configurations.
* Musync has been divided into several modules, see for your self. Global
reconstructure and reuse of code, now it is neat and tidy.
* you should no longer use 'mv' with add-with, since it breaks
* Fixing now works, see README for what it does.
* supported-ext has new syntaX, REQUIRES dots as prefix (like
* overwrite is now known as force. -O is -F. (also true in configuration).
* Fixed windows compatibility. Problems with how to code default config
file remains.
* Fixed install scripts.
* added locking/unlocking capabilities
* fixed -M properly
* added --lock (for locking when adding/fixing)
* fixed usage of gnu_getopt instead of getopt.
* added hinting
* Changed output when file is added or removed to include basename.
* Configuration reading is performed by an automatic loop.
* Configuration is read in "/.musync
* Peronalized configurations are read, named by [section], used with '-c'