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* IOMMU fault fixes.
* Secure device and GSI assignment using capabilities.
* BSP indicator passed to bootstrap EC and removed from HIP.
* Added revoke filtering.
* Root capability of newly created objects now stored in creator PD.
* Added SC control hypercall.
* Added SC execution time statistics.
* Added capability permissions for EC bind and EC/SC control
* Improved RCU grace period handling.
* Bug fixes.
* ACPI-based CPU numbering.
* Additional capability permissions.
* Capability translation.
* TSC offsetting.
* vTLB support for SVM (enables VM support under QEMU).
* Improved vTLB fills.
* Improved initialization, paging, and RCU.
* Bug fixes.
* Number of supported CPUs increased to 32.
* Number of supported GSIs increased to 128.
* Removed 8259 PIC mode and made IOAPIC a requirement.
* Root PD no longer holds GSI capabilities at bootup.
* Incoming portal id no longer stored in UTCB.
* New mapping database and lookup hypercall.
* Selective memory delegation (host/guest/IOMMU).
* Revocation of platform resources (mem/IO).
* PCI topology discovery.
* VT-d interrupt remapping.
* Direct assignment of PCI devices and GSIs to PDs.
* VMX unrestricted guest.
* vTLB page splintering.
* Bug fixes.
* Initial release
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