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Cross-platform network I/O library for C/C++

liblacewing is a library for writing cross-platform, networked applications in C/C++.

Build Status


Linux, OS X:

make install

FreeBSD (GNU make required):

gmake install

Windows (MinGW/MSYS only):

./configure --disable-spdy

An MSVC project file is available in the msvc directory.


The API documentation for liblacewing can be found here.

Issues with the documentation can be reported in the gh-pages branch of the liblacewing GitHub repository.

Changes in 0.5.4 (2013-Oct-31)

  • post_eventloop_exit now works correctly on UNIX

  • Socket address is now stored and retrievable for server/webserver clients

  • Suppressed warnings about unused lwp_release function when compiling the library

  • Fix issue with the webserver accessing freed pointers when writing response headers

0.5.4 Release Notes

Changes in 0.5.3 (2013-Aug-02)

  • lw_eventpump_start_sleepy_ticking is now supported on UNIX

  • lw_event now supports infinite timeouts

  • C++ wrapper for pump::add now returns the lw_pump_watch

  • The makefile now respects autoconf libdir and includedir

  • The makefile now produces an unversioned dynamic library, while still installing with the version suffix

0.5.3 Release Notes

Changes in 0.5.2 (2013-Jun-05)

  • The library can now build on Unix systems where neither TCP_CORK nor TCP_NOPUSH are available

  • The library can now build on systems without AI_V4MAPPED and AI_ADDRCONFIG

  • alloca.h is no longer required for SPDY support

  • Tags added to lw_addr, lw_thread, lw_filter, lw_pump and lw_client

  • MSVC static builds no longer use __declspec(dllexport)

  • Windows: shutdown is now called on sockets before closesocket

  • C++ API: Tag getters/setters added to all classes

  • C++ API: Server connect and disconnect hooks changed to receive a server_client instead of a client

  • Windows: Fixed various 0.5.0 regressions in lw_client

  • Unix: An EINTR result from epoll_wait or kqueue no longer causes lw_eventpump_start_eventloop to terminate

  • 0.5.0 regressions with lw_server refcounting fixed, which prevented the client list from functioning

  • Webserver: Issue with on_upload_post hook being fired multiple times fixed

0.5.2 Release Notes

Changes in 0.5.1 (2013-Mar-22)

  • Fix lw_addr_clone segfault

  • outer_size renamed to tail_size, new lw_stream_from_tail function added

  • Tag added to lw_udp and lw_flashpolicy

  • Prototype for lw_filter_clone was erroneously called lw_filter_copy

  • Various fixes for lw_udp

  • New lw_addr_type and lw_addr_set_type functions added

  • lw_udp_host_addr now respects address IPv6 setting

  • Fix problems with the Unix implementation of lw_timer_stop

  • Fix segfault with Windows FDStream when the completion routine fires after deletion

  • Fix some problems building on 64-bit Windows

0.5.1 Release Notes

Changes in 0.5.0 (2013-Mar-11)

  • Library ported to C99

  • Lots of API changes for consistency/correctness

  • C++ API converted to snake_case to be consistent with the C API

  • UNIX EventPump will now exit the event loop if epoll or kqueue throws an error

  • The various types of internal ref counting have been replaced with a more consistent lwp_retain/lwp_release

  • Preliminary support for SWIG

  • Updated SPDY and http-parser snapshots

  • write(3) is now used for non-sockets when SO_NOSIGPIPE is not available

  • Various fixes with webserver sessions

  • New ENABLE_SSL option in Makefile

0.5.0 Release Notes

Changes in 0.4.3 (2012-Oct-28)

  • Various issues with the Windows implementation of FDStream resolved

  • Visual Studio projects added for examples

  • Issues with building under MinGW resolved

  • Server::Client::NPN stub added for Windows

  • New parameter to Stream::Close to allow cancellation of pending writes

  • Public header file renamed from Lacewing.h to lacewing.h (lowercase)

  • C webserver examples updated for the current C API

  • Updated to the latest version of multipart-parser-c

0.4.3 Release Notes

Changes in 0.4.2 (2012-Aug-23)

  • Fix issue with POST data truncation (0.4.1 regression)

  • Cookies were not correctly parsed

  • StreamGraph did not read beyond any filters present in a graph

0.4.2 Release Notes

Changes in 0.4.1 (2012-Aug-22)

  • Fix issue with HTTP data not always being completely processed

  • Fix error with URL decoding function which lead to trailing garbage in decoded strings

0.4.1 Release Notes

Changes in 0.4.0 (2012-Aug-21)

  • Webserver now supports the SPDY protocol, and much of the HTTP code has been improved

  • Resolve various issues with the stream system

  • New option in FDStream::SetFD to close the FD on destruction, which is now used by File

  • If Stream::WriteFile failed to open a file, the stream would be permanently blocked

  • Server now supports TLS NPN where available

  • The code for multipart POST data handling has been replaced with multipart-parser-c

  • Fixed IPv4 support in Client

  • File::OpenTemp used incorrect filenames on Windows

0.4.0 Release Notes

Changes in 0.3.1 (2012-Jun-29)

  • New Stream::WritePartial function to opt out of automatic buffering

  • Fix bad length param in GetSockAddr function (causing problems with ::Port etc)

Changes in 0.3.0 (2012-Jun-20)

  • I/O is now separated into classes such as Stream and FDStream instead of being provided separately by each class.

  • The Relay* classes have been removed (they may become a separate library later)

  • HTTP parser switched out for joyent/http-parser

  • IPv6 is now supported

  • Lots of miscellaneous fixes/refactoring

Changes in 0.2.6 (2011-Dec-18)

  • Webserver::Request::Cookie now has a parameter allowing you to set attributes for each cookie. By default, both the Secure and HttpOnly attributes are set.

  • You can now iterate through the headers, cookies, GET/POST parameters and session data stored in a Webserver::Request

  • Bug when parsing fragmented HTTP requests fixed. This made Webserver incompatible with recent fixes for the SSL BEAST attack.

  • The library now builds as liblacewing.dylib on OS X instead of

  • The source should now build using MinGW (although the included makefile will not work on Windows)

Changes in 0.2.5 (2011-Oct-11)

  • Resolve various issues with the build system

Changes in 0.2.4 (2011-Oct-01)

  • Some functions were missing LacewingFunction in Lacewing.h, and thus were not correctly exported from the shared object/DLL :-

    • RelayServer::Channel::Next
    • RelayServer::Client::Next
    • RelayServer::ChannelCount
    • RelayServer::SetChannelListing
  • The name of a client was set before calling the onNameSet handler in RelayServer

  • Client disconnect issues on BSD/OS X fixed in Server

  • MSG_NOSIGNAL or SO_NOSIGPIPE are now used everywhere, to prevent the generation of unwanted SIGPIPE signals on Unix

  • Possible EventPump deadlock fixed (Unix)

  • New functions introduced:

    • Client::CheapBuffering
    • UDP::Hosting
  • FlashPlayerPolicy class renamed to FlashPolicy

  • Miscellaneous fixes in the C API

Changes in 0.2.3 (2011-Sep-07)

  • Fixed an issue with Lacewing::EventPump on Windows, which would cause functions queued with Post() not to execute in some cases. This lead to to a significant issue with client disconnects not being detected properly in Lacewing::Server.

  • Miscellaneous relay protocol fixes

Changes in 0.2.2 (2011-Aug-31)

  • Lacewing::Timer now ends the timer thread properly in the destructor. In previous versions it was necessary to call Stop() explicitly to avoid a crash.

  • Two issues with the EventPump class fixed:

    • StartEventLoop() could return prematurely in some cases (Unix only)
    • Possible segmentation fault when a null WriteCallback was specified
  • Added the RelayClient and RelayServer source files to the Makefile and

  • SHA1_Hex no longer cuts off the last four bytes

  • Updated relay protocol specification and implementation classes (now revision 3)

  • Fixed issue with the GuessMimeType function returning application/octet-stream even for known file extensions

  • Refactored the internals of Lacewing::Webserver for future SPDY support. The HTTP specific code is now separate from the webserver itself.

Changes in 0.2.1 (2011-Jul-15)

  • Fixed crash in the List utility class introduced by 0.2.0

Changes in 0.2.0 (2011-Jul-14)

  • New Javascript liblacewing API for MozJS (SpiderMonkey/TraceMonkey) and V8. Currently only supports the webserver and utility classes. It is also now possible to build liblacewing as a Node.JS module - a wscript for node-waf is provided.

  • Added support for building for Android ( is in the 'jni' folder)

  • The build system has been changed from automake to autoconf with a simple Makefile. This should solve the headaches with building on different platforms (Windows users should still use the MSVC project as normal.)

  • Removed the dependency on STL, resulting in a much faster build and smaller binaries (particularly on Android.) This also makes it easier to link liblacewing into static Linux binaries.

  • New global hash functions, implemented via OpenSSL or the Win32 crypt32 API:

    • Lacewing::MD5
    • Lacewing::MD5_Hex
    • Lacewing::SHA1
    • Lacewing::SHA1_Hex
  • PostEventLoopExit() function added to the EventPump, to cause StartEventLoop() to return (once any pending events have been processed.)

  • In the Webserver, Request objects are now freed immediately after the connection is closed, after calling the disconnect handler. Previously, the Request object would remain in a disconnected state until Finish() was called.

  • In Unix, the EventPump class is is now just a default implementation of the Pump class, which can be derived from to use custom methods of watching FDs. A custom pump using libev is provided in the 'ev' folder.

  • Fixed some issues with Lacewing::Server on Unix:

    • SendFile didn't always complete in SSL mode
    • SendFile didn't send the file if open() returned 0
    • The Disconnect handler didn't always trigger
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