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Bug in upload file form, getting other fields values #32

pujo opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I have a small sample form -> replaced < > with ( )

 (form method='POST' enctype='multipart/form-data' action='uploadsrc')
 (label for="folder")Folder to save(/label)(BR)
 (input name="folder"  size="30"/)(BR)(BR)
 (input type=file name=upfile size="30"/)(BR)(BR)
 (input type=submit value="Press to select")

When I try to get the "folder" property with Request.POST("folder") I'm retrieving a "-----------------------------7dc32e25250ff6" string.

I have made some debugging and I think the bug is the file line 177.

Client.Request.PostItems.Set(Disposition.Get("name"), Buffer.Buffer);

Thanks again!


Is this issue still present with the latest commit I made?


Hi pujo - Just wondering if I can close this now?


Hmm, I'm having trouble building on Windows at the moment with the 0.5.x changes, so don't worry about testing this for now.


Yes we can close.
And yes, I'm having some problems on Windows build with MSVC. I keep making some tests..
Thanks James for your efforts!

@pujo pujo closed this

Should build correctly with MSVC now.

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