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Cross-platform network I/O library for C/C++
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liblacewing is a library for writing cross-platform, networked applications in C/C++.


On Windows, use the MSVC project file in the msvc directory to build a DLL/LIB.

On Linux/BSD/OS X/MinGW:

make install

For other platforms (such as the Android NDK) see the documentation.


The API documentation for liblacewing can be found here.

Issues with the documentation can be reported in the gh-pages branch of the liblacewing GitHub repository.

Changes in 0.3.1 (2012-Jun-29)

  • New Stream::WritePartial function to opt out of automatic buffering

  • Fix bad length param in GetSockAddr function (causing problems with ::Port etc)

Changes in 0.3.0 (2012-Jun-20)

  • I/O is now separated into classes such as Stream and FDStream instead of being provided separately by each class.

  • The Relay* classes have been removed (they may become a separate library later)

  • HTTP parser switched out for joyent/http-parser

  • IPv6 is now supported

  • Lots of miscellaneous fixes/refactoring

Changes in 0.2.6 (2011-Dec-18)

  • Webserver::Request::Cookie now has a parameter allowing you to set attributes for each cookie. By default, both the Secure and HttpOnly attributes are set.

  • You can now iterate through the headers, cookies, GET/POST parameters and session data stored in a Webserver::Request

  • Bug when parsing fragmented HTTP requests fixed. This made Webserver incompatible with recent fixes for the SSL BEAST attack.

  • The library now builds as liblacewing.dylib on OS X instead of

  • The source should now build using MinGW (although the included makefile will not work on Windows)

Changes in 0.2.5 (2011-Oct-11)

  • Resolve various issues with the build system

Changes in 0.2.4 (2011-Oct-01)

  • Some functions were missing LacewingFunction in Lacewing.h, and thus were not correctly exported from the shared object/DLL :-

    • RelayServer::Channel::Next
    • RelayServer::Client::Next
    • RelayServer::ChannelCount
    • RelayServer::SetChannelListing
  • The name of a client was set before calling the onNameSet handler in RelayServer

  • Client disconnect issues on BSD/OS X fixed in Server

  • MSG_NOSIGNAL or SO_NOSIGPIPE are now used everywhere, to prevent the generation of unwanted SIGPIPE signals on Unix

  • Possible EventPump deadlock fixed (Unix)

  • New functions introduced:

    • Client::CheapBuffering
    • UDP::Hosting
  • FlashPlayerPolicy class renamed to FlashPolicy

  • Miscellaneous fixes in the C API

Changes in 0.2.3 (2011-Sep-07)

  • Fixed an issue with Lacewing::EventPump on Windows, which would cause functions queued with Post() not to execute in some cases. This lead to to a significant issue with client disconnects not being detected properly in Lacewing::Server.

  • Miscellaneous relay protocol fixes

Changes in 0.2.2 (2011-Aug-31)

  • Lacewing::Timer now ends the timer thread properly in the destructor. In previous versions it was necessary to call Stop() explicitly to avoid a crash.

  • Two issues with the EventPump class fixed:

    • StartEventLoop() could return prematurely in some cases (Unix only)
    • Possible segmentation fault when a null WriteCallback was specified
  • Added the RelayClient and RelayServer source files to the Makefile and

  • SHA1_Hex no longer cuts off the last four bytes

  • Updated relay protocol specification and implementation classes (now revision 3)

  • Fixed issue with the GuessMimeType function returning application/octet-stream even for known file extensions

  • Refactored the internals of Lacewing::Webserver for future SPDY support. The HTTP specific code is now separate from the webserver itself.

Changes in 0.2.1 (2011-Jul-15)

  • Fixed crash in the List utility class introduced by 0.2.0

Changes in 0.2.0 (2011-Jul-14)

  • New Javascript liblacewing API for MozJS (SpiderMonkey/TraceMonkey) and V8. Currently only supports the webserver and utility classes. It is also now possible to build liblacewing as a Node.JS module - a wscript for node-waf is provided.

  • Added support for building for Android ( is in the 'jni' folder)

  • The build system has been changed from automake to autoconf with a simple Makefile. This should solve the headaches with building on different platforms (Windows users should still use the MSVC project as normal.)

  • Removed the dependency on STL, resulting in a much faster build and smaller binaries (particularly on Android.) This also makes it easier to link liblacewing into static Linux binaries.

  • New global hash functions, implemented via OpenSSL or the Win32 crypt32 API:

    • Lacewing::MD5
    • Lacewing::MD5_Hex
    • Lacewing::SHA1
    • Lacewing::SHA1_Hex
  • PostEventLoopExit() function added to the EventPump, to cause StartEventLoop() to return (once any pending events have been processed.)

  • In the Webserver, Request objects are now freed immediately after the connection is closed, after calling the disconnect handler. Previously, the Request object would remain in a disconnected state until Finish() was called.

  • In Unix, the EventPump class is is now just a default implementation of the Pump class, which can be derived from to use custom methods of watching FDs. A custom pump using libev is provided in the 'ev' folder.

  • Fixed some issues with Lacewing::Server on Unix:

    • SendFile didn't always complete in SSL mode
    • SendFile didn't send the file if open() returned 0
    • The Disconnect handler didn't always trigger
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