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DroidMate-2: A Platform for Android Test Generation
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DroidMate-2 GNU GPL v3Build Status

DroidMate-2, an automated execution generator for Android apps.
Copyright (C) 2012-2019 Saarland University

This program is free software.

Current Maintainers
  • Nataniel Borges Jr. <nataniel dot borges at cispa dot saarland>
  • Jenny Hotzkow <jenny dot hotzkow at cispa dot saarland>

Date of last full review of this document: 07 Aug 2018

Git SubModules

The exploration model and deviceInterfaceLib are now separate git submodules, therefore you have to use git submodule init and git submodule update after cloning the DM-2 repository to checkout their source code.


DroidMate-2 is a platform to easily assist both developers and researchers to customize, develop and test new test generators.

DroidMate-2 can be used without app instrumentation or operating system modifications, as a test generator on real devices and emulators for app testing or regression testing. Additionally, it provides sensitive resource monitoring or blocking capabilities through a lightweight app instrumentation, out-of-the-box statement coverage measurement through a fully-fledged app instrumentation and native experiment reproducibility.

This file pertains to DroidMate-2 source. You should have found it at DroidMate repository root dir, denoted in this file as repo.

How DroidMate works

DroidMate-2 automatically explores behavior of an Android app by interacting with its GUI. It repeatedly reads the device state, makes a decision and interacts with the GUI, until some termination criterion is satisfied. This process is called an exploration of the Application Under Exploration (AUE).

It can be run from command line (as en executable Jar) or extended through its API. It reads Android apps (.apk files) and outputs an app state model, generated on-the-fly, as well as a varied set of reports containing information extracted from the exploration output.

Currently, DroidMate-2 can click and long-click the AUE’s GUI, restart the AUE, press ‘back’ button and it can terminate the exploration. Any of this is called an exploration action. DroidMate’s exploration strategy pool decides which exploration action to execute based on the current UI state, derived from the XML representation of the currently visible device GUI (GUI snapshot), the visual UI state (GUI screenshot) and the set of Android framework methods that have been called after last exploration action (API calls). All components of DroidMate-2 can be used out-of-the-box or extended with custom features.

Repository structure:

Following directories are sources which can be opened as IntelliJ projects (File -> Open):

project in repo/dev description
droidmate main sources of DroidMate.
droidmate_usage_examples java project showing how to use DroidMate API

For information about building, running or extending DroidMate, check our wiki

Former Maintainers
  • Konrad Jamrozik <jamrozik at st dot cs dot uni-saarland dot de>
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