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Padrino Web is the source code for the Padrino official Japanese website (

The Padrino website is a simplified CMS with the following features:

  • Simple Editable Wiki for Guides

  • Pages Section for Updating Site Content

  • Basic Blog Engine for Creating and Viewing Posts

  • Powerful syntax highlighting with pygmentize

  • Textile support for formatting the documents

  • Beautiful mailer notifications with html diff for the changed content

  • Full text search functionality

  • Beautiful admin interface for managing all content

  • MongoDB + MongoMapper + Padrino powered

  • Disqus comments Integration

  • PDF integration through PDFKit


In order for this project to run on your server, you need the following dependencies:


You need to download mongo from here: and install following:


HTML+CSS to PDF using wkhtmltopdf used to generate the pocket pdf guide.


Go here and install it.


Go here (if you don't have it already) and register an account


To install gem dependencies, be sure to run:

$ bundle install

To populate a db similar to our official site, you can execute:

$ padrino rake seed

Start your mongod server.

Start your project:

$ padrino start

Now you can browse localhost:3000/admin and login with user/pwd provided during seed task.