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Unreal Engine 4 plug-in for Logitech LED illumination keyboards.



This plug-in implements Blueprint functions for controlling the LED lights in supported Logitech keyboards and mice.

Make sure to pull the Tag that matches your Unreal Engine version. If you sync to Master the code may not compile, because it may depend on Engine changes that are not yet available in the UE4 Master branch.

Supported Platforms

This plug-in was last built against Unreal Engine 4.19 with Logitech LED SDK 8.87 and tested on the following platforms:

  • Windows


This plug-in requires Visual Studio and either a C++ code project or the full Unreal Engine 4 source code from GitHub. If you are new to programming in UE4, please see the official Programming Guide!


You can use this plug-in as a project plug-in, or an Engine plug-in.

If you use it as a project plug-in, clone this repository into your project's /Plugins directory and compile your game in Visual Studio. A C++ code project is required for this to work.

If you use it as an Engine plug-in, clone this repository into the /Engine/Plugins directory and compile your game. Full Unreal Engine 4 source code from GitHub is required for this.


Please file an issue, submit a pull request or email us at